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Restoring Joy in Healthcare:

Nurturing Personal Growth in Your Learners, Your Colleagues and Yourself   


In this interactive workshop, participants will work with faculty and each other to:

  • Distinguish the goals of personal growth in healthcare education that are foundational for professional growth.
  • Identify learning methods, curricular resources and assessment tools for an effective program in personal/ professional growth.
  • Discuss the features of the work and learning environments that foster or inhibit professional growth.
  • Develop a draft of your individual commitments to a concrete plan in promoting personal/professional growth, as well as satisfaction and joy in work, for yourself and for your home institution.

Join us Thursday, April 26 from 8:30-11:45am!
Pre-course fee: $75 



        Dennis H. Novack, M.D. is Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean of Medical Education at Drexel University College of Medicine, where he directs clinical skills teaching and assessment. He has worked with colleagues at Drexel to develop a longitudinal program of professionalism teaching, assessment and remediation that recently won the Edward D. Harris award from the national AOA. He is Chief Editor of DocCom and, online resources for learning communication skills and professionalism in healthcare education. His rock and roll band with medical students, the Dennis Novack Experience, has played at every Drexel Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert for the last 25 years.


      Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD.  Preston Reynolds is Professor of Medicine and Nursing at the University of Virginia.  She started working in the field of professionalism at its formation 30 years ago, and spearheaded a national movement to align professionalism objectives among stakeholder organizations in education, licensing, and accreditation in the United States.  She has been recognized for this work with Mastership in the American College of Physicians.  As Associate Chair for Professionalism and Diversity for the Department of Medicine at UVA, she is focused on residents and faculty development.  As a professional historian with a concentration on the impact of race on health professions education and health care delivery, she is now weaving together this history with implicit bias training was a way of conceptualizing race conscious professionalism to promote diversity and inclusion.  For fun, she enjoys dancing, sailing and cooking for others.


     Scott Wright, M.D. is Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and the Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He is also the Director of the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence which is our institution wide initiative aimed at promoting and recognizing excellence in patient care. Scott works with medical students, residents, and faculty to promote the growth and development of many in clinical, educational, and research pursuits. He recently launched to allow us all to learn from exceptional role models about caring for patients. Scott and his wife enjoy being outside with their dog and watching their 3 children play the beautiful game.


      Rachel Levine, M.D. is Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Faculty Educational Development, Office of Faculty Development, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Rachel spends the majority of her time supporting faculty educators to achieve academic success, joy, satisfaction through faculty development programing and one on one mentoring and coaching. Rachel believes that balance is integral to her personal growth. Being in nature with her husband and three children always brings her balance and joy.