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Academy for Professionalism in Health Care Faculty Development Certificate:

Leadership Excellence in Educating for Professionals (LEEP)


Leadership Excellence in Educating for Professionals (LEEP) is a career faculty development program that focuses on several core areas of medical professionalism: professional identity formation, organizational professionalism, resiliency and social justice. 

These topics were chosen because they are relevant to all health professionals and place emphasis on team-based learning and inter-professional training and the learning environment. These topical areas also remain inadequately addressed in many health professions schools and post-graduate programs.


LEEP aims to strengthen faculty expertise and career development of trainees to:

1. Implement undergraduate (UME) and residency or fellowship (GME) curricula, and faculty development programs in professional identity formation, moral development and ethical reasoning, resiliency and wellness and interprofessional collaboration.

2.  Implement assessment programs using self-assessment, work assessment, competency assessment, objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), the professional identity essay and other instruments of moral and ethical reasoning.

3.  Understand and analyze the role of organizational culture in shaping professional identities and professionalism behaviors, and developing skills in achieving organizational change to foster professionalism. 

General Curriculum

In addition to monthly discussion groups and roundtables, LEEP participants will participate in core workshops at the APHC annual conferences. Workshops will be either pre or post conference courses in the following areas:

Professional Formation:
Core content: Medicine's social contract and professional expectations, socialization, role models and mentors, communities of practice, social justice and race consciousprofessionalism.

Skills: teaching methodologies, resources, assessment of ethical and moral development, assessment of professional behaviors of students, faculty and the learning environment. 

Organizational Professionalism:
Core content: hidden curriculum, communities of practice, creating institutional professionalism standards, accreditation requirements, social justice and community engagement.

Skills: organizational assessment, leadership in institutional change.

Resilience, Wellness and Interprofessional Practice:
Core content: mindfulness, self-awareness, reflection, interprofessional collaboration and communication.

Skills: mindfulness practice, narrative and reflective writing, reasoning through ethical and moral dilemmas, priority setting for healthy living and leadership.

Social Justice and Race Conscious Professionalism:
Core content: implicit bias, discrimination in the workplace and its impact on faculty and trainees, health disparities and race conscious professionalism.

Skills: implementing principles of community engagement, addressing workplace discriminatory and disrespectful behavior from patients, faculty and staff, using the IAT and self-assessment instruments in education. 

Program Requirements:

To successfully complete the LEEP certificate, all participants are expected to:

1. Attend appropriate annual meeting pre or post conference courses in all of the "General Curriculum" areas (professional formation, organizational professionalism, resilience, wellness and interprofessional practice, social justice and race conscious professionalism).

2.  Attend annual meeting workshops in area of the participant's practicum while completing the certificate.

3.  Participate in monthly discussion groups and the Professionalism Education Roundtable via internet.

4.  Participate in monthly communication with assigned APHC mentor.

5.  Practicum - design and implement a mentored curriculum project at the participant's home institution that includes:
º Empirical or conceptual evaluation of the project
º Presentation of the project results at an annual APHC meeting
º Group mentoring of the project with faculty, staff, students, residents or fellows at the particpant's home institution
º Publication of the project information or results in the APHC/PFO monthly newsletter 


Participation in the LEEP faculty development certificate program is $350 (this fee does not include cost of travel, food or lodging for attendance at any of the annual APHC conferences). 

Access the LEEP application at: